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The secret to happiness

I love this TED talk.  People always seem to think there is some kind of secret to being happy; a kind of tangible thing that if they find it, THEN they will be happy.  They think that if they have a good job, only then  will they happy; if they have money, only THEN will they be happy; if they found a partner, only then they will be happy; if they find success, then they will find happiness. David Steindl-Rast turns all of that upside down in such a beautiful way to make us see that it really isn't as we think it is.  I could listen to him forever ...    … Read More »


9 Lessons on How to Live Life to The Fullest

I stumbled upon this inspiring speech by the talented Tim Minchin, recently accepting his honorary doctorate from his Alma Mater, UWA.  It's already done the social media rounds but just in case you missed it, it challenges everything personal development devotees tell us and I utterly love it.  My … Read More »


The Sadness of Greatness

I'm in transit for the month of October.  I am on my way to a school reunion (eek) and the boy's playing a bit of tennis.  I will check in  when I can but in the meantime, if I don't get online, here's a fabulous article about one of my all time favourite tennis players, the super mad and super … Read More »

What a Racquet tennis racquet and ball

The biggest test of friendships

  I've just got back from Sydney where I've been for the last week.  It seemed like a nice place; I liked the hour I spent around Circular Quay looking at the Opera House anyway.  The rest of the time I spent either cooped up in a small self catering apartment in Parramatta or surrounded by … Read More »

Ted Connor's run thumbnail

There are muscles in my body I didn’t know I had, but I’m glad I found out …

So, hot on the heels of my congratulatory post to Tony Abbot, here's another post. I'm in agony.  Sheer agony.  I have discovered muscles I forgot I had and I think I've discovered muscles I'm sure I never had before.  It's a good pain though.  A satisfying pain. Not that anyone who sees me walk … Read More »

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