Ooh, look a reader! Lucky LUCKY you!
Welcome to my blog, it is a pleasure to have you here.
Here you will read the thoughts and ramblings of a working mother, wife, cook, chief bottle washer, taxi service, sports mum and life coach.
The inspiration for this blog came from my children, who are my world; in a nutshell, I was searching online for some support in how to deal with a highly competitive and sporty child who was causing me sleepless nights and finding nothing I decided to start some support of my own. Being a Life Coach by profession I’m quite capable of telling myself to get a grip so I thought I may as well jot it all down online in case it may help anyone else. At the same time I’ll see if I can add any bits of interest for anyone out there wondering how to juggle a family, a job, a business, relationships and life in general.