Apologies for radio silence. I hid in the shed until it was all over.

601364-tony-abbottSorry I haven’t posted for a bit.  I considered writing and posting about the recent election as that’s all that was in the air at the time but every time I sat down to say anything I couldn’t untangle what was going on in my head to write down on paper. So I gave up.  Aussie politics (and all other 1st world politics) drives me insane to be honest, and is clearly not my bag and not for my audience (whoever you are).  So all commentary about the election best left to those who have an opinion they think they can back up. 

But now the dust has settled I’ll get back into it and have a few posts ready to go up.  In the meantime, we have a new Prime Minister and he likes sport.  So that’s nice. Good on ya Tony and just get on with the job and put your money where your mouth is, please. And no speedos.  Thank you.

Normal What a Racquet service to be resumed momentarily.  In a moment.  Momentarily.  Soon.