Good news day …

Duke and Duchess (3)I was slightly worried that I peaked too soon with my post last week on prejudice. I was very proud of that post and thank you for the feedback (all relatives of course), but please remember I won’t be posting such thought provoking articles every week; I’m simply not that interesting.

To prove my point I had a riveting post ready about how I manage to meal plan a half decent menu, which includes healthy complex carbs, protein and loads of vegetables, for my busy sporty children, that they have to eat in the car when most children are already in bed after bath and storytime.  Like I say, riveting.

But of course, my post has been spectacularly upstaged by the arrival of the new royal baby. But I don’t mind.  Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess; I am so glad that all went swimmingly and that mother and baby are doing well.  How can I possibly post now about Chicken Casserole when there is a new Prince in the world?

13 years and 8 months ago I too was ‘safely’ delivered of a baby boy. (After a 56 hour labour, which ended with a panicky emergency caesarean section in the middle of night #3, but I won’t dwell on that bit)

It goes so quickly doesn’t it? If I could go back in time and talk to my post natal self after having my babies these are some things I would say to me:

  1. You did well, you did the best you could. You are doing the best you can. Take each day as it comes. Forgive yourself. 
  2. Trust your instincts. You do know best. (for example, regular projectile vomiting in a baby is not normal and most certainly isn’t called ‘possetting’. You are not imagining things. If your doctor doesn’t listen to you, go and see another one)
  3. Savour these early days. They will go so quickly and you will look back on them and wonder when the teenager sitting on the sofa playing on his phone stopped being that chubby round ball of gooey-ness who giggled and gurgled when you blew raspberries on his tummy.  (If I tried that caper now he’d be all “Mum, what the hell??” as is his right ….)
  4. You will be an awesome mother. You may not believe me right now because it all seems so difficult and alien and unknown but you will be, and already are, an amazing mother.
  5. There is no instruction manual. Put that Gina Ford book down now and walk away. You will regret reading it to the end of your days. 
  6. Guilt will be your middle name. You will blame yourself for every little thing that goes wrong, even when they are old enough to take that responsibility themselves. BUT if you are do that, you must remember to give yourself ALL the credit when things go right (all ‘star of the week’ awards, ‘player of the day’ certificates, trophies, medals, good school reports, good deeds and kindnesses are all down to you)
  7. Remember, your baby loves you. All he needs and wants is you; he doesn’t care what you look like or if you’ve washed your hair or what you are wearing. All he wants to see every morning is your face and every time your eyes light up when you see him, he knows in his heart that he is important in this world.

Catherine and William, love eachother and cherish and love your baby boy.  That is all he needs.  Ever.

Happy day 🙂