Hold on to your hairpiece, Mother …

I’m blogging again.  And this time I really mean it.  No empty threats here, people.

Motivated to get back into it and really follow the ‘What a racquet’ concept I’ll be posting this month mainly about moving house, while recovering from a dislocated shoulder (more of that later), juggling my two children, one of whom is away at a tennis tournament right now, and a husband who has to dash off on business trips with little warning.

Yes, I know, blogging about moving is completely and utterly riveting but when you’ve moved as many times as I have in my life (I’m guessing this will my my 26th move in my 42 years of life), moving house becomes second nature.  So I thought it might be helpful to some people how I actually go about doing it.

To some it’s all very exciting and/or stressful; they may move 5 times in total in their whole lives. For me, yes, it’s stressful but not unbearable.  There’s is an easy way of doing it and a hard way.  I’ve tried both, believe me.

So, a new year, a new start to my blog, a new home … all fits in rather nicely. Stay tuned.

No, before you ask, I did not dislocate my shoulder juggling my two children, although that would have been quite funny ….