I Need A Stunt Double Part II


Last night I was driving down the road on the way to pick up a child from an activity when I had this split second moment of pure panic. I wonder if other parents have moments like this?

Although I knew where I was and what street I was actually driving on, I completely lost track of where I was going and why. Which child needed picking up? What day was it again? Was I picking up anyone else and taking them home? Was I supposed to go to the tennis club or the dance school? Or was it netball? Was I supposed to go on from there to pick up another child or was I going home? Was I even in the right suburb? Who was I again? What was the year? Where was my husband? Was he home tonight? Who is my husband?

Ok, I may be exaggerating some of that but you get the gist. Our schedule has not become any easier since I wrote my “I Need a Stunt Double” post a while ago. In fact, it’s even crazier than it’s ever been. One child has tennis every night of the week and the other is now doing more than her brother ever did out of pure parental guilt: “You’d like to try acrobatics you say? Of course darling, anything you like dear, I am sure we can squeeze that in between netball, hip hop dancing and breathing!”

Their schedule is tied up so tightly that when I recently went away for a long weekend for a friend’s birthday, I had to print out a document of no fewer than 7 pages of size 11 font showing the minute detail of their timetable for my husband to be able to get both children from A to B to C and back to A again without forgetting to feed the cat.

The interesting part of that exercise was actually writing it all down because I usually keep these schedules in my head. As long as I know what day it is, I know where I have to be and when, and where the children have to be and when. Writing it down and explaining it to someone was hard because I genuinely don’t know how I get 2 children to 3 different places at the same time. You’d think it was a physical impossibility, but somehow it gets done. Yay me, give me a medal.

But every so often I will have this split second of panic when my tummy turns to ice and everything goes out of the window and I find myself driving aimlessly up the street, without a clue as to who I am or what I am doing.

I do so very hope I am not alone in this …