I Will Be Awesome: Run For Connor

robert conor dawes

I am truly delighted to announce that What A Racquet will actively be supporting a fantastic new charity recently set up to help young people with brain tumours.

I’ve created a page about Connor Dawes and the charity set up in his name, ‘The Robert Connor Dawes Fund’. Read all about it on this page here . You can also click the logo to the right of my blog to go through to the RCD fund website to find out more about the amazing work this charity is going to do to help other young people like Connor.

Now, don’t laugh at me but I have signed up for their first fundraising event. It’s a fun run. FUN RUN. Yes, you heard it here first. Those who know me will know that to me, the term “Fun Run” is an oxymoron and to be honest, I am sure I’m allergic to running. Any running I do is usually limited to running a bath, but I am told that I don’t need to actually run; I can walk or skip or cartwheel if I like (do not expect me to cartwheel though. I pulled a muscle just thinking about that)

I’ve signed up my whole family for it. They love that kind of thing, the loons that they are. For me, I suspect it shall be more of a stumble than a run but after what the remarkable Dawes family has been through and the grace with which they have faced the last 18 months, the very least my family can do is join them to raise some money in their amazing boy’s name to help others in need.

The Run for Connor will be held on the 15th September 2013, to commemorate his own 18.8km run which he did 2 months before he was diagnosed. Connor was training to get into the 1st VIII rowing team for his school, Brighton Grammar. It was a big dream for him. As part of his own, self-devised training program he decided to run from his home in Sandringham to the Brighton Grammar Boat Shed on the Yarra River in central Melbourne, a mere distance of 18.8km. This run has become important in many ways, not least as a symbol of this remarkable young man’s determination to achieve his goals but also the most fitting way to remember his spirit and get the fundraising ball rolling for RCD Fund.

You can read more about the RCD fund by clicking the RCD fund logo on the right of this page and you too can register for Connor’s run here: www.connorsrun.com; It’s easy to register if you want to run (there are two distances to choose from 18.8 km or 9.6 km) and if you don’t want to run but want to help, you can donate by buying a t-shirt.

But you have to promise not to laugh at the person stumbling along looking like they are having an asthma attack because that will be me.

Best start training hadn’t I?