Some tips on where to start when planning to move …. Part II

1.  Culling and more culling ….After culling toys and clothes it’s time to sort out other things.  Don’t forget to go through the garage, the shed and the loft.  If you are a natural hoarder (like me) moving is the best excuse to go through everything and be absolutely ruthless.  Keep things of sentimental or real value of course; when we moved a few houses ago I chose a couple of special baby outfits for each child, their first blanket, first shoes and a couple of special first toys.  I’ve put them in a labelled box to give to each child when they are grown up and have children of their own.  That’s the minimum that most people should keep.  I may or may not have a couple of special extra boxes which I mumble about being super important when my husband picks them up and says, “What’s in here, can this go?”.  At the very most though, there are 4 boxes, 2 for each child.

On Sunday this week we spent all day going through boxes of stuff and ended up with emptying half our garage of things for the tip.  It’s very liberating you know.  Although for the life of me I can’t understand why I’ve dragged a travel cot along with us for the last 4 moves.  My youngest will be 9 next month.  She hasn’t been in that travel cot since she was two and a half!  Anyway, it’s going and it’s made a huge amount of room!

2.  Make a To Do List: While you’re in a planning/organising mood, around 8 weeks before moving date, start a ‘To Do’ list, a master list if you like, and begin to jot down things you need to do before moving date as you think of them.  Don’t stress about the size of the list, just get it down.  You can work out when you do the tasks later, but just get them down.     (You probably wanted to do this before you started sorting stuff out but hey, why do everything in a boring and sensible way?)

3.  Organise Mail: One of the main things to have on your list is to organise the mail.  On a separate piece of paper start listing everyone you need to inform of your move, banks, credit card company, insurance companies, accountant, doctor, dentist, vet, and all stores where you have accounts or cards.

4.  Post Offiice Redirection Service.  Go to the post office and sort out the mail redirection service.  You may think that you don’t need to do that if you let everyone know your new address but believe me when I say there will ALWAYS be ones that slip the net or miss the message.  There may be an important hospital check up appointment you’ve booked months ago, before you planned to move, but ‘Hospital’ isn’t on the top of your list of people to inform.  Using the Post Office redirection service picks up the stragglers.  I tend to get a year’s redirection, but that’s because I’ve always had loads of stragglers because I forget everyone.  Another reason to write a list haha.  There is a small fee for this but it’s worth it.

5.  Start to think about how you are going to move.  Are you going to do it all yourself (will you need to rent a van?), or are you throwing money at the problem and getting someone to move you?  Either way, you need to begin to think about how it’s going to happen and then start getting quotes.  More on that tomorrow.