Some tips on where to start when planning to move ….

1.  Get notice to move from rental

2.  Find new rental or buy a house.

3.  Do NOT make rash decisions ….

Sorry, that list is a bit of fun, but did I tell you the bit that we got notice to move from our current rental (no, we’re not bad tenants, they want their house back, honest … ) and then won an auction 8 days later having had no plans whatsoever to buy a house prior to eviction notice?

I wouldn’t advise doing that as panic can set in for most people, but for us, decisions made quickly have always been our best decisions.  We decided to emigrate and left the UK within 2 months.  We planned to not have children for at least 5 years after we got married; I was pregnant within 6 months.  I  made a last minute decision to book our son into a school holiday tennis program so that I could do some Christmas shopping, 5 years later tennis is a full time occupation for both him (playing, training) and me (taxi driver, nutritionist, psychologist).

Never mind, it’s how we roll.  But if you were a normal family and planning an normal move, you would start to prepare about 8 weeks prior to your planned move.

The first thing to do is take this opportunity to start sorting things out.  Go through each child’s bedroom and wardrobes and start culling old toys and clothes they don’t fit into anymore.  You do not want to lug old things they will never play with or wear with you.  Not least because when you get your removals quotes they quote by the box so if you can pare down your clutter you are on a winner.

When sorting and culling toys, put everything into one of 4 groups:

1.  Things you want  to keep

2.  Items you can Ebay or put on Gumtree – things they don’t want or need but are still in good nick, which you can sell. ***

3.  Items you don’t want to sell but still of decent standard and good enough to take to charity shops

4.  Items for the tip

***Remember, if you are planning to sell toys, make sure that all the pieces are together, no missing puzzle pieces etc.  It’s also a good idea to take a photo of children’s puzzles put together to show all the bit are there.

With clothes I have 5 groups:

1. Keep

2. Sell (I will only sell brand new, never worn, or nearly new children’s clothes)

3. Give away to friends who are not above taking-hand-me downs.  These will be good quality, nearly new, not torn or stained (especially if you like your friends and would like to keep them)

4.  Charity shop or clothing bin

5.  Chuck (torn and ruined, stained clothes that no one will want to wear)

My top tip to do all of this is to pick 2 days, a weekend is best, and then put it all in the car in labelled bags or boxes on the Sunday night so you can get rid of everything on the Monday by doing a round trip to the charity shop or clothing bin, the tip and your friend’s house.  You may need a day to put everything on Ebay.  Remember to focus on one job at a time and get it done.  There is  nothing worse than having several jobs going at the same time and you are tripping over half sorted bags and boxes everywhere (you’ll have enough of that in moving week)