Megan Leed-Williams has coached me for 6 life coaching sessions. I run 2 small home based businesses and often come across stumbling blocks to growth and success. From our first coaching session I felt an instant rapport with Megan. She has a very gentle and open approach which makes you feel completely at ease.

She is respectful and extremely professional. She asks the right questions so that I never felt that she was putting ideas into my head or words into my mouth. Instead she creates the perfect space for self reflection and analysis. Over the course of 6 weeks we worked through several issues which have enabled me to make positive changes to my work and my work beliefs. These changes are still having a positive impact on my businesses months later. I would, and do, highly recommend Megan as a coach for anyone looking to overcome challenges in their business or personal life.

Jacqi Deighan

Experiencing Life Coaching from Megan Leed-Williams has made a real difference to my life.  I no longer feel so stressed about issues – but rather have the means to deal with stresses that arise.  The development of those skills and solutions was such a vital part for me, of the life coaching experience.

I am now able to more clearly process and make decisions.  I feel I have a great clarity about where I am going and what I want my life to be about.

Through the skills that Megan was able to help me develop (and that I continue to develop) I feel I am able to understand myself better and therefore made better choices.  Those better choices have enhanced my life and have made a real difference to me.

Lisa Bowhay