To Do Lists

I was at a networking function the other day and met a lovely lady called Angela Esnouf. Angela is an Organisation Expert.  Her business is called ‘Creating Order from  Chaos’ (check out her website:  Angela spoke about ways to get through our To Do Lists and I thought I’d share a bit of it with you.

We all have To Do Lists don’t we?  Some people are super organised and write them all down and get everything done in order.  Some people are even more super organised and have their lists in their heads and get them all done.  There are people like me who have To Do Lists of To Do Lists and are constantly writing on Post It Notes and losing them. And then of course you have those who don’t have lists at all and constantly wonder why nothing gets done at all.

Angela gave 3 fantastically simple headings for the To Do List and tips on how to get through each list:

1) Completion

2) Deletion

3) Delegation

Let’s look at the first one:

Completion:  Prioritise your jobs.  Do the things that need to be done first.  Even the jobs you don’t want to do but which are essential.  Focus on one job at a time and get it done.  Is there something that you have to do but you always leave it till the last moment?  Put that at the top of the list and do it first so that the reward is to do the things you enjoy afterwards.  Like the Eat That Frog concept of Brian Tracy – if the first thing you had to do every morning was to eat a live frog then everything after that for the rest of the day would be easy and nice to do.  So make the worst job the Frog and eat it first.  After you have eaten your frog (your essential jobs) you can focus on the important but not necessarily essential things and you will find them all easier to do.

Angela’s second tip ‘Deletion’ is all about picking your battles.  Go through your list of jobs and ask yourself the question “Is this getting me closer to my goals or takeing me further away”.  Edit your list and if it isn’t essential to getting you to where you want to be (whether your goals are personal, domestic or business related) then ditch it.  Why waste your time or energy on something that isn’t serving you or your business or your family?  Personally, I really like the idea of deleting Ironing from my To Do List!!

The last tip is ‘Delegation’.  These are the essential things on your list that can’t be deleted but can be delegated (if it isn’t essential that YOU are doing it).  If you are working from home in your own small business and running a household at the same time and finding all the things on your list overwhelming, pinpoint some of them that can be delegated.  Let’s take ironing for example.  If you can’t bear the thought of deleting ironing from your list then send it out to someone who can do it for you, or ask your partner to do it if money is tight.  Teach your children where to put the laundry, how to set the table, make their own packed lunch, put their clean washing away.  Get a bookkeeper for your business.

So, 1)  Complete (eat that frog), 2) Delete (pick your battles) and 3) Delegate (can someone else do this?).

Great tips.  Love it!  Again, check out Angela’s website on

Have a tip top weekend

Megan xx