The secret to happiness


I love this TED talk.  People always seem to think there is some kind of secret to being happy; a kind of tangible thing that if they find it, THEN they will be happy.  They think that if they have a good job, only then  will they happy; if they have money, only THEN will they be happy; if they found a partner, only then they will be happy; if they find success, then they will find happiness. David Steindl-Rast turns all of that upside down in … [Read more...]

9 Lessons on How to Live Life to The Fullest


I stumbled upon this inspiring speech by the talented Tim Minchin, recently accepting his honorary doctorate from his Alma Mater, UWA.  It's already done the social media rounds but just in case you missed it, it challenges everything personal development devotees tell us and I utterly love it.  My particular favourite quote is "I advocate passionate dedication to the pursuit of short term goals.  Be micro ambitious; put your head down and work … [Read more...]

The Sadness of Greatness


I'm in transit for the month of October.  I am on my way to a school reunion (eek) and the boy's playing a bit of tennis.  I will check in  when I can but in the meantime, if I don't get online, here's a fabulous article about one of my all time favourite tennis players, the super mad and super talented John McEnroe The Sadness of Greatness There is so much in this article to think about; from the fact there was an actual moment time where … [Read more...]



My posts seem to be going down the deep and meaningful road at the moment but as I promised to write from the heart I guess I must follow what I am urged to write. I was feeling pretty low this morning after a pretty average weekend.  You know those weekends where nothing goes right?  Where everything you do or say feels wrong and scratchy?  The children are bickering, the husband is remote because he has a lot on at work, it's all down to you … [Read more...]

Good news day …

Duke and Duchess (3)

I was slightly worried that I peaked too soon with my post last week on prejudice. I was very proud of that post and thank you for the feedback (all relatives of course), but please remember I won’t be posting such thought provoking articles every week; I’m simply not that interesting. To prove my point I had a riveting post ready about how I manage to meal plan a half decent menu, which includes healthy complex carbs, protein and loads of … [Read more...]

“As a child is born without fear, so is it born without prejudice. Prejudice, like fear, is acquired” Marie Kililea


  My parents left South Africa in 1972, when I was 2 years old, for a number of reasons; one being that my mother, Afrikaans by descent, had, at first unconsciously, and then later consciously, known that apartheid was inherently wrong, and she was happy to follow her English husband to bring up their children in the more free and accepting society of Europe. Growing up in Holland as an expat, although not really English and not really … [Read more...]

We moved house AND had a makeover …

moving house

A massive thank you to the most awesome Victoria Judge of The Expert Agency for her superhuman patience in trying to unravel what I wanted before I actually knew what it was that I wanted. So now I have this beautiful space and page I will be posting regularly on life in general from the (mostly) lighthearted perspective of a working mum with sporty children with a dollop of personal development and a large spoonful of life coaching thrown in … [Read more...]

Life is like coffee …

I found this lovely little video on a website called Flickspire where you can find all sorts of inspiration.  This particular one really resonated with me today.  What is it that we really want and appreciate in life?  What is it that makes us truly happy? Life is Like Coffee … [Read more...]


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George Eliot

It's never too late to become who you might have been … [Read more...]