The secret to happiness


I love this TED talk.  People always seem to think there is some kind of secret to being happy; a kind of tangible thing that if they find it, THEN they will be happy.  They think that if they have a good job, only then  will they happy; if they have money, only THEN will they be happy; if they found a partner, only then they will be happy; if they find success, then they will find happiness. David Steindl-Rast turns all of that upside down in … [Read more...]

The Sadness of Greatness


I'm in transit for the month of October.  I am on my way to a school reunion (eek) and the boy's playing a bit of tennis.  I will check in  when I can but in the meantime, if I don't get online, here's a fabulous article about one of my all time favourite tennis players, the super mad and super talented John McEnroe The Sadness of Greatness There is so much in this article to think about; from the fact there was an actual moment time where … [Read more...]

There are muscles in my body I didn’t know I had, but I’m glad I found out …

Ted Connor's run thumbnail

So, hot on the heels of my congratulatory post to Tony Abbot, here's another post. I'm in agony.  Sheer agony.  I have discovered muscles I forgot I had and I think I've discovered muscles I'm sure I never had before.  It's a good pain though.  A satisfying pain. Not that anyone who sees me walk today will think that as I shuffle along the street. Is there such a thing as good pain and bad pain?  Bad pain is like toothache and earache.  The … [Read more...]

Apologies for radio silence. I hid in the shed until it was all over.


Sorry I haven't posted for a bit.  I considered writing and posting about the recent election as that's all that was in the air at the time but every time I sat down to say anything I couldn't untangle what was going on in my head to write down on paper. So I gave up.  Aussie politics (and all other 1st world politics) drives me insane to be honest, and is clearly not my bag and not for my audience (whoever you are).  So all commentary about the … [Read more...]

I lied. I do care. People like James Hird should take the rap …

What a Racquet tennis racquet and ball

Yesterday I tweeted here that I’d had enough of the Essendon Football Club scandal (if you don’t know what that is and you live in Australia you should come out from under that rock; if you don’t live in Australia, just google any Australian newspaper and you can read all about it). I meant what I tweeted at the time, in a, “How. Long. Does. This. Have. To. Go. On. For???” kind of way, but the thought kept haunting me throughout the day. Do I … [Read more...]

I Will Be Awesome: Run For Connor

robert conor dawes

I am truly delighted to announce that What A Racquet will actively be supporting a fantastic new charity recently set up to help young people with brain tumours. I’ve created a page about Connor Dawes and the charity set up in his name, ‘The Robert Connor Dawes Fund’. Read all about it on this page here . You can also click the logo to the right of my blog to go through to the RCD fund website to find out more about the amazing work this charity … [Read more...]

I Need A Stunt Double Part II


Last night I was driving down the road on the way to pick up a child from an activity when I had this split second moment of pure panic. I wonder if other parents have moments like this? Although I knew where I was and what street I was actually driving on, I completely lost track of where I was going and why. Which child needed picking up? What day was it again? Was I picking up anyone else and taking them home? Was I supposed to go to the … [Read more...]

“As a child is born without fear, so is it born without prejudice. Prejudice, like fear, is acquired” Marie Kililea


  My parents left South Africa in 1972, when I was 2 years old, for a number of reasons; one being that my mother, Afrikaans by descent, had, at first unconsciously, and then later consciously, known that apartheid was inherently wrong, and she was happy to follow her English husband to bring up their children in the more free and accepting society of Europe. Growing up in Holland as an expat, although not really English and not really … [Read more...]

We moved house AND had a makeover …

moving house

A massive thank you to the most awesome Victoria Judge of The Expert Agency for her superhuman patience in trying to unravel what I wanted before I actually knew what it was that I wanted. So now I have this beautiful space and page I will be posting regularly on life in general from the (mostly) lighthearted perspective of a working mum with sporty children with a dollop of personal development and a large spoonful of life coaching thrown in … [Read more...]


blog tennis

I wanted to tell you a bit more about how the tennis reference of this blog came about .... It all started when my son, known on this blog as 'the boy' or 'the awesome boy', picked up a tennis racquet a couple of weeks after his 8th birthday. One of those babies who never slept, and when he did sleep he let us know very loudly and vocally when he was ready to get up, he was always ready to get going.  I remember my mother saying, when he … [Read more...]